Another 3-Bedroom at Flamingo Valley Sold

Flamingo Valley Living Hall
First of all, this property at Flamingo Valley wasn’t the easiest listing I had in my inventory at that point of time and selling was huge test for me.

The main challenge is that one of the bedrooms in this unit was facing a Muslim cemetery and it was really close to it.

When I met up with owner, she mentioned that a couple of agents were already marketing her property for months and yet no offers were received.

Honestly, the apartment isn’t totally bad. There are actually quite a number of good selling points. So what went wrong?

My first step was to check out the “competition” and have a look at how advertisements were being crafted. 


Flamingo Valley Bad Real Estate Advertisement
I can’t believe such pictures were being used for a $1.36 million-dollar property
Flamingo Valley Bad Real Estate Ad Description
The description was unattractive and doesn’t highlight the key features and benefits

Yup it was really painful to see that a property didn’t get the exposure it deserves and certainly not being given the proper respect.

So I went in and I changed things…

Flamingo Valley Living Hall
Flamingo Valley Dining Hall
Showing the size and scale of the property
Flamingo Valley Master Bedroom
Spacious Master Bedroom with a view of greens

Not only have I gave the property a whole new look on the market, I made the description a little more interesting (and colorful).

I tried to emphasize more on the benefits for this property

It’s not my intention to criticize other realtors’ way of advertising/marketing, but I just feel that more can be done. Whatever I did were the basics and it’s just simple things that we can do as realtors to add value to our clients’ properties.

Taking photos of a million-dollar property with a mobile phone simply doesn’t do justice.

The property has eventually been sold with more than 30 prospects coming to view over a couple of weeks and 4 offers being received.

I am not saying that good presentation is main cause for the sale, but it certainly helped to bring in more prospects by creating a wonderful first impression. Just think about it – when was the last time you’ve been to a luxury retail or furniture store which was messy and dirty?

Written by Edison Foo
Hello, my name is Edison. I am a realtor/photographer living in Singapore. This is my blog, where I post my photos, no B.S. reviews on various real estates and my daily thoughts. Never miss out on new stuff.